"...I’m going to tell everyone I know about your abilities. I feel sooooo much better. Seriously, I was having major anxiety attacks and emotional issues, now I’m calm and happy and myself again. The glass is half full again for sure. J No more negative thoughts or words. My husband Don, is soooo thankful as well. Thanks again. I definitely want to try your massage services in the near future too..."
E.N., Dallas, TX

“I have noticed a tremendous change in my job and wealth since you did the SRT. I am very happy about that. Thank you so much. And just to let you know how much of the SRT helped me in just one year. My salary went from $28 an hour (roughly $58K a year) to $50 an hour (over $100K a year). Thank you so much for your help. You really are a blessing.”
Jessica B. from Boston, MA

“…The work you did for me opened up a wealth of opportunity and gave me the courage to make changes and embark on new adventures. The experience was undoubtedly one of the most remarkable experiences I have ever had…”
S. C. Bossier City, LA

“After one SRT session with Cynthia Shaw I was able to let go of a lot of worry that was bogging me down and I felt a lot “clearer” about the path I was taking. She worked with me on some abundance issues I was having and a week later I received an unexpected check for $2,800. It was payment for something I wasn’t even aware was still owed to me. I also received a job offer after being unemployed for four months. Cynthia just seemed to understand everything I was going through and was able to give me a more positive alternative for dealing with problems. SRT is not an “instant fix” or “magic pill”, but an acceleration of natural growth. I feel like a plant that has been in a dark corner and suddenly gets a grow light put on it!”
M. Wright, Dallas

“Cynthia Shaw does Transformational Body & Energy Therapy. In my relatively few sessions with Cynthia I have dropped a lifetime or more of major painful issues. Cynthia works deep into your very cells and subconscious. She has a highly intuitive knack of getting to the primary root that holds multiple issues and painful experiences in place, then pulling that root fully. The results are deeply felt and clearly observable, results that for me have included highly positive transformations in my relationships with family and friends (past and present), release of intense emotional pain, real clarity about my lifework/purpose, a heightening of my level of spiritual vision, and a real rise in my level of joy/happiness.”
Eric Biskamp, Dallas, TX
Work Life Seminars, Brain Gym Seminars
Residential Appraisal

“…. I feel much better still. Immediately after I felt almost drunk, but in a coherent way. I feel my heart opening for life, myself, and my children more than ever…… ”
M.H., Arlington, TX High School Teacher

“I have known Cynthia for over sixteen years, during this span of time I attended a women’s healing group which helped me tremendously. I also received consulting and body work from her. In the Fall of 2002, she performed SRT. What that service did for me was very awakening, my whole lifestyle changed for the better. I have lived in Texas, California, Kansas, and am now residing in Oklahoma. I have not found anyone such as Cynthia, she is compassionate, caring, and goes right to the heart of the issue. In my opinion she is a great healing light that this world needs. My life has been, and is still being enriched because of her and her work.”
Nancy–Artist, AR

“Over a year ago, Cynthia provided both my husband and I Spiritual Response Therapy, the effects of which are still being felt strongly in our lives. It helped us make some significant and very positive adjustments in our lives. Because of our own personal experiences with Cynthia’s work, we have recommended her to several of our good friends seeking help in working through or overcoming personal obstacles in their lives. All of these friends have thanked us for sending them to Cynthia and also sing her praises. Some of the stories they have shared about how Cynthia’s work has helped them are truly inspiring. Cynthia has a great deal of knowledge, experience, and spiritual understanding…”
Twice Upon a Time Storytellers
Gene and Peggy Helmick-Richardson
Dallas, TX

"I want to thank you for the SRT session I had in March. My experience of releasing and ending soul contracts that were no longer needed made me cry, but I felt peaceful. I just feel so much better now and I don't have the issues with certain people anymore. It's totally amazing how my relationships have changed. Things are moving right along..... even the kids have noticed the changes! I would recommend SRT to everyone to help better themselves and move forward on their journeys. You are truly blessed. My thanks and gratitude goes to you for your work in changing my life with SRT."
Tobi Smith

".........I continue to feel a shift. It is like all that old stuff that I used
to obsess on is not important anymore and so those negative thoughts which
created negative feelings are shifting. I feel much more empowered now
that that cloud of darkness has been lifted. It is interesting to me that
one session could have such an amazing impact on my life and thought
process. But it has, and I am moving forward with life, knowing that I am
good enough!! and great things are appearing in my life.
Thank you Cynthia for the Spiritual Response Session."
D.H., Dallas, TX

"Hi Cynthia,
I have to send you a big THANK YOU. You said something to me that I did not think much of at the time, but in reflecting on our session, it was a big wake up moment. I have been wanting so much to "see" things and have been doing work on my third eye without the results I wanted. When you were doing the work over my third eye and you asked if I could see colors - no, once again I was disappointed especially knowing, like you said, that most people are seeing a lot of colors. You then told me later that I feel things instead of seeing them. Well, I know I feel things, I mean I feel them a lot, but you see, I want to SEE things. There it is - I am working against myself and you made me see that so clearly. When I realized what you said was true and I should accept the feeling and not want for the seeing I felt so much energy flow through me. It was really incredible. So, thank you for waking me up to what was right there in front of my face!!
I truly appreciate you and your gifts!!!"
D M, Ft Worth, TX
(This was after only a fifteen minute session at an Expo where I offer "mini" sessions of Energy Channeling). Note from Cynthia

"Cynthia, I feel really at peace inside! I don't have that heaviness in my chest. I am amazed at how I feel and my session with you. I will be doing Meditations. I will be looking on your calendar for your next class.
Many Thanks and blessings to you."
B.C., DeSoto, TX

" Cynthia, In case you have any doubts that your work with the Divine is divine…..let me shout it loudly for all to hear! I have felt so much better this incredibly intense week and your support made it possible to flourish! "
P. R., Dallas, TX
Testimony after receiving 15 minute "mini" session at the Oct., 2010 Addison Wellness Expo.


I don't usually reply after I have gone for a massage, body, energy or mind work, but what I received from you was exceptional. My attitude about my current work situation changed dramatically when I went to work the next day. I found myself laughing more (joyously) and some of my old personality of being more spontaneous and fun had returned. It was something that I was very aware of during the week. I could crack jokes again. I didn't feel as stressed.

Thank you so much for taking the extra time to work with me last Sunday. I look forward to coming back to see you and know that you truly have a GIFT, as well as abundant knowledge and ability to apply the skills you have learned and mastered very effectively.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!"
SD, McKinney, TX


The attunement was amazing! I feel so refreshed today on my first day back at work!
(It has already helped me in ways I had not anticipated.)

I appreciate all your personal insights in to the process and your own added/altered
techniques, etc. It was very helpful. Thanks for openly sharing all your stories.
It was all a rewarding experience. (I am still in the process of reviewing the material
you gave us--I may have questions later.)

I look forward to being invited to receive the Reiki II training, etc. It is all very fascinating.

Thanks again for your time and enthusiastic attention!"

LM, Euless, TX (Reiki I Class attendee)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Today was wonderful. I have always felt I had the potential for something "more," yet I've been afraid. Being able to open up in such a comfortable atmosphere, with other gentle people, gave me a sample of the life I want to live. I'm so happy to start this journey with you."
~Robyn ~ Reiki I and Reiki II Attunements participant.