The Power to Create Change

Energy Dynamics can help you if ...

  • You have continuing physical problems which don't respond to conventional medical solutions. (Some examples are headaches, PMS, autoimmune conditions, chronic fatigue.)
  • You have difficulty forming, sustaining or enjoying personal relationships.
  • You would like to manage stress more effectively.
  • You struggle with compulsive or self-destructive tendencies, such as alcoholism, eating disorders or co-dependency.
  • You want to reach deeper parts of yourself, and experience greater joy in life.
  • You are ready to explore new dimensions of spiritual life.

Energy Dynamics is a process in which we work together to integrate mind, body, emotions and spirit. The only goal is growth, and the only requirement is a willingness to heal. Body work is a central part of Energy Dynamics. A variety of techniques are used to create each session especially for your personal needs. Since our physical and psychological lives are closely intertwined, it works to help with physical problems - such as headache or muscle strain - and also with emotional healing. Many of us have stored negative experiences (perhaps from childhood traumas, such as abuse) in the body, where they form blocks to emotional and physical well-being. But just as negative patterns can manifest themselves in physical symptoms and emotional distress, positive experiences can actually heal the body on a deep cellular level, as well as restoring emotional freedom.

Cynthia uses her intuitive gifts to help you in your self-discovery. And in the process of talking and listening, as well as through hands-on body work, she helps to release negative energy and to rebalance your energy body. You can choose any level ... from simple stress management to deep personal discovery. If you are not sure of your needs, visit with Cynthia, and explore your options together.

Physical Health

Massage - Polarity Balancing - Connective Tissue Work

Many physical problems are related to unconscious processes. Body Work can help create and maintain physical well-being by releasing negative patterns and reducing stress.

Emotional Health

Inner Child Work - Intuitive Counseling - Sensory Nourishment

Body Work can help to release deep anger, pain, and fear. In a supportive, nurturing atmosphere, your own creative nature will help you heal inner wounds and rediscover emotional balance.

Spiritual Growth

Opening The Chakras - Deepening The Intuition - Integration Of Spiritual

As the body and soul find greater peace, the spirit becomes stronger and more free. Explore the higher reaches of spiritual consciousness, and experience new realms of harmony and joy.