Description: This class is open to the general public. Six Continuing Education
Hours will be given to LMT’s

Second Degree Usui Reiki Attunement will be given on Saturday, December 7th, from Noon to 6:00 PM. The class will be held in my home in far North
Dallas. The fee for the class is $150. with a $50. deposit in advance
requested to hold your place in the class. Please contact me for my
address and directions. Credit card payment available at my
web site, contact / payment page. (If you feel Spiritually lead to be
present for this class, I will be glad to make financial arrangements
with you!)

In the Second Degree Class the Sacred Symbols of Usui Reiki will
be given for Healing of Mental and Emotional Issues. You will in
addition receive the Sacred Symbol for Distance / Remote Healing.

You will receive the Usui Reiki II Class Manual, Usui Reiki II
Certificate, and ample time provided for hands-on energy exchange.

This class qualifies for 6 CEs for Licensed Massage Therapists.


Description: This class is open to the general public. Six Continuing Education
Hours will be given to LMT’s

First Degree Usui Reiki Attunement will be given on Saturday, November 30th, from 12:00 to 6:00 PM. The class will be held in my home in far North
Dallas. The fee for the class is $125 with a $50 deposit in advance
requested to hold your place in the class. Please contact me for my
mailing address and directions. Credit card payment available at
my web site, contact / payment page.

I received my First Degree Attunement in 1983 from Marilyn Alvey who
was given the Attunements by Barbara Weber Ray, Ph.D., the Founder
of The American-International Reiki Association, Inc. established in 1980.
Dr. Barbara Weber Ray is one of a small number of Americans known to
have been fully instructed as an Initiator of Reiki Masters in December,
1979 by Master Hawayo Takata.

I have kept the Attunements as close to the original teachings as possible
and include in my hand-outs the original hand placements as found in the
First Degree Attunement manual I received in 1983. You will receive the
Usui Reiki I Class Manual, Usui Reiki I Certificate, and ample time provided
for hands-on energy exchange.

This class qualifies for 6 CE Hours for Licensed Massage Therapists.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in the Reiki Class please
pass this information on to them.




Saturday, July 20th, 12:00 Noon to 6:00 PM.  $300.  $50.00 deposit requested to hold your place in this class.  Pre-registration required.  Paypal payment available on web site.  contact / payment page    Please contact me if you are wanting to take this class and are in need of making financial arrangements in order to do so!


50% Discount for those who have already received the Third Degree Attunement / Class, and would like to re-new and re-align with the Third Degree Attunnement energies. ( If not taken with me, please provide proof of certification.)


 Usui Reiki III (Third Degree Reiki) Master / Teacher Attunement Class

In the Usui Reiki Level Three (Master) course participants achieve the level of Reiki Master.  The course begins with a review of Reiki Levels One and Two and a review of the symbols.  Two Master level symbols are introduced in Reiki Level Three. There will be opportunities to experience hands-on Reiki treatments and time to enjoy Reiki meditations and Reiki initiation during the class. The Third Degree allows the Reiki practitioner to become a Reiki teacher if they so choose. 6 hours of CE credit for Licensed Massage Therapists.

A comprehensive manual is given in this class, enabling the newly initiated Master /  Teacher to easily organize and teach their first class.


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Cynthia has been a Massage Therapist in private practice since 1981 and received her license from the Texas Department of State Health Services in 1986.  The primary focus in her practice has been the integration of Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit.

She received her Bachelor Of Arts Degree in 1985 from the University of Texas at Dallas with a focus in Psychology, Sociology, and Dance.  Shereceived professional training from the Dallas Society for Bioenergetic Analysis from 1982 to 1984, and received her First Degree Attunement in Usui Reiki in 1983.  She received training in 1999 and 2000 in Spiritual Response Therapy andintegrates this Psycho/Soul healing modality into her body work practice.

Cynthia maintains a private practice and is a Massage Therapy Instructor and a Continuing Education Provider for Massage Therapists.  She teaches MultiDimensional Healing and Usui Reiki. 

LMT License # 0825

LMTI License # 01252

CE Provider License # 0206


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The attunement was amazing!  I feel so refreshed today on my first day back at work!

(It has already helped me in ways I had not anticipated.)

I appreciate all your personal insights in to the process and your own added/altered

techniques, etc. It was very helpful. Thanks for openly sharing all your stories.
It was all a rewarding experience. (I am still in the process of reviewing the material you gave us–I may have questions later.)

I look forward to being invited to receive the Reiki II training, etc. It is all very fascinating.

Thanks again for your time and enthusiastic attention,

LM, Euless, TX  (Reiki I Class attendee)   

My Personal Journey to Reiki & Energy Healing

I continue to teach Reiki because I have witnessed the transformation, the easy Grace, that has lifted so many individual’s lives who have attended my classes over the many years. Their personal journeys of life transformed from darkness and despair have nourished my desire to continue to teach Reiki as long as there are those requesting it.


My own personal journey of days, weeks, months, and years of deep depression and despair, only lifted by the Grace of God, combined with Reiki meditation, and a burning desire to be released forevermore from the grips of my personal depression have continued to lead me to practice and to teach others who might benefit from it’s many gifts of healing; physical, psychological, emotional, and Spiritual.


Wellness Expo

Wellness Expo
April 16-17 • 11am-6pm Addison Conference Centre
15650 Addison Road, Addison, TX 75001

24 talks & over 100 Exhibit Booths
Energy Healing • Bodywork • Reflexology •
Intuitive Consultations • Amazing Shopping & more!

For more information, visit: or call 972-925-9393
Present this coupon for $2 off regular admission
or 2 for the price of 1.

Discount Provided by Cynthia R Shaw

First Sunday of The Month Psychic Fair

Title: First Sunday of The Month Psychic Fair
Description: Holiday Greetings to Everyone!

Just a brief reminder to everyone that the “First Sunday of The Month Psychic Fair” is this Sunday, December 6, from Noon to 6:00 PM. It is held at the Holiday Inn Select, located at LBJ Freeway and West on the Access Road, past Josey Lane.

I will have my booth there as usual, along with my Massage Table, offering fifteen to thirty minute “mini” sessions of hands on Energy Work, Massage (if that is what you prefer), and any information will be shared that is received from your Spirit Guides. If you would prefer a Spiritual Response Therapy clearing session, that is available as well. All for the super reasonable and affordable price of $1.00 per minute!!

In case you’ve ever wondered, “what actually is happening during one of these Energy Sessions”?

The “higher”, lighter vibrational frequencies of your own “Higher Self” is anchored more deeply into your physical body structure. You are “vibrationally” brought more into alignment with your own highest frequencies. Much is released on the Cellular Structural level, such as fears, worries, constraints, etc., which effect your daily life. This is very important since our physical body retains “memory” at the cellular level. Therefore, what we think of, and especially what we feel, becomes a part of us at the physical structural level. It remains a part of us until it is “shifted” or “transmuted” to a Higher frequency, such as Love, Joy, Peace, etc., you get the picture!

Gift Certificates will be available for Holiday gift shopping……these are quite beautiful Holiday designed Gift Certificates!

I look forward to seeing you!


Cynthia R. Shaw
Start Time: 12:00
Date: 2009-12-06
End Time: 18:00

Labyrinth Walk Holistic Fair

3839 W. Kiest, Dallas 75233
Sunday, September 20, 2015 3-6pm

Free Admission • $20 per 15-minute session
(Note: Some participants require double sessions)

I’ll be offering Intuitive Readings and Energy Clearing; “Spiritual Response Therapy” Soul
Clearings sessions.

Angel drawings, chair massage, chakra healing, DNA theta healing, energy healing, mediumship, minerals and gems, psychic readings, reflexology, reiki, shamanic healing, stone readings, tarot cards, tea readings, plus vendors!

Dowsing Class

I am offering a class on using Dowsing with a pendulum for clearing of space and people, including yourself especially! Had clients that really brought you down? Ever experienced stepping, or driving, into a negative energy force? Think your home / office has “entities”?

(Who you gonna call? “Ghost Busters”!) LOL This will be a fun class
with a lot of pertinent content for any healer, energy worker, Massage Therapist, or lay person, to reap benefit from attending.

You will receive specific tools for clearing Negative Energy Vortexes, Toxic Streams, and negative energy attachments, including practical tools for protection!

Where: My North Dallas Home / Office.

When: Sunday, June 29th, 1:00 to 6:00 PM

$90.00 6 CEs for LMT’s Please contact me for more information. Not exclusive to LMTs, open to the public.

Pre-registration is required. $50.00 deposit is required
for this class. Payment via Papal available on my web site on the contact / payment page. Please bring your own pendulum, or I will be providing a few for purchase the day of the class.

Cynthia R. Shaw, BA, LMT, LMTI, CE Provider

Energy Dynamics ~ Multi-Dimensional Healing
Transformational Body Therapy
Spiritual Response Therapy
Reiki Master/Teacher
972-991-2097 Office
972-639-8483 Cell

From “Impossible!” to “I’m Possible!”

~ Be Your Dream! ~

“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” ~ Rumi

Reiki & Mesothelioma

Reiki has proven to be extremely helpful to those battling cancer and the side effects of traditional treatments. Other secondary symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and pain can also be treated with Reiki. Learn more about mesothelioma and how Reiki can help those coping with mesothelioma radiation.