March 2, 2016

Title: First Sunday of The Month Psychic Fair
Description: Holiday Greetings to Everyone!

Just a brief reminder to everyone that the “First Sunday of The Month Psychic Fair” is this Sunday, December 6, from Noon to 6:00 PM. It is held at the Holiday Inn Select, located at LBJ Freeway and West on the Access Road, past Josey Lane.

I will have my booth there as usual, along with my Massage Table, offering fifteen to thirty minute “mini” sessions of hands on Energy Work, Massage (if that is what you prefer), and any information will be shared that is received from your Spirit Guides. If you would prefer a Spiritual Response Therapy clearing session, that is available as well. All for the super reasonable and affordable price of $1.00 per minute!!

In case you’ve ever wondered, “what actually is happening during one of these Energy Sessions”?

The “higher”, lighter vibrational frequencies of your own “Higher Self” is anchored more deeply into your physical body structure. You are “vibrationally” brought more into alignment with your own highest frequencies. Much is released on the Cellular Structural level, such as fears, worries, constraints, etc., which effect your daily life. This is very important since our physical body retains “memory” at the cellular level. Therefore, what we think of, and especially what we feel, becomes a part of us at the physical structural level. It remains a part of us until it is “shifted” or “transmuted” to a Higher frequency, such as Love, Joy, Peace, etc., you get the picture!

Gift Certificates will be available for Holiday gift shopping……these are quite beautiful Holiday designed Gift Certificates!

I look forward to seeing you!


Cynthia R. Shaw
Start Time: 12:00
Date: 2009-12-06
End Time: 18:00

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