These classes will be held in my home in far North Dallas, unless otherwise noted.

The cost of the class is $125. with a $50. deposit in advance
requested to hold your place in the class. Please contact me
for my mailing address and directions.

I received my First Degree Attunement in 1983 from Marilyn Alvey who
was given the Attunements by Barbara Weber Ray, Ph.D., the Founder
of The American-International Reiki Association, Inc. established in 1980.
Dr. Barbara Weber Ray is the only person known to have been fully
instructed as an Initiator of Reiki Masters in December, 1979 by
Master Hawayo Takata.

I have kept the Attunements as close to the original teachings as possible
and include in my hand-outs the original hand placements as found in the
First Degree Attunement manual I received in 1983.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in these Reiki Classes, please
pass this information on to them.


Cynthia R. Shaw, BA, LMT, MI, CE Provider


The attunement was amazing! I feel so refreshed today on my first day back at work! (It has already helped me in ways I had not anticipated.)

I appreciate all your personal insights in to the process and your own added/altered techniques, etc. It was very helpful. Thanks for openly sharing all your stories.

It was all a rewarding experience. (I am still in the process of reviewing the material you gave us–I may have questions later.)

I look forward to being invited to receive the Reiki II training, etc. It is all very fascinating.

Thanks again for your time and enthusiastic attention”
L.M. Euless, TX Reiki I Attunement class participant.


“To be honest with you, I’ve never felt better. Right afterwards, I had a lot more energy, a hell of a better attitude and a general feeling that I’m being led down a better path than before. Where to? Who knows…I haven’t had any stomach problems since ( I think I mentioned I may have diverticulitis) and I’ve lost about 10 pounds and counting. Been exercising a bit, and feel a lot better all around. I really want to thank you, because I do feel you’ve given me a powerful gift that probably I don’t even fully realize yet. I look forward to next month!”

R B, Garland, TX